Flagstaff Arizona
anastasianikolina: Alright. Age, race, character concept?
autumnthered: 24,f, part time Mechanic
autumnthered: Her mother is dead. Dad is a mechanic. He kept her in his shop to take care of her as single dad
autumnthered: He won’t let her work full time. So she has a project car on the side she works on
anastasianikolina: Why doesn’t he let her?
autumnthered: He wants her to go to school
autumnthered: College
anastasianikolina: Is she following through with that?
autumnthered: She appliedand got accepted. But hid the letter
autumnthered: She’s his only reliable help
autumnthered: His other worker blows dick
anastasianikolina: What did she tell him?
autumnthered: The letter hasn’t come yet
autumnthered: Is what she tells him
anastasianikolina: Kk. How old were you when she died.
autumnthered: Um 8?
anastasianikolina: Kk. We’re they in flagstaff her entire lufe?
anastasianikolina: Life*
autumnthered: Yes. We grew up her
autumnthered: Here
anastasianikolina: Any siblingd?
anastasianikolina: Typos= tablet keyboard
autumnthered: Nope
anastasianikolina: Friends?
autumnthered: Umm. Probably
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anastasianikolina: Tell me a little about them. Also, your every day schedule.
autumnthered: I have only two. Jacob Mcgavin. The only guy who doesn’t make fun of me for not being girly, and having a manly profession.
anastasianikolina: The the other?
anastasianikolina: Are these friends from high school?
autumnthered: Aleah “Leah” Wechler. Her female friend.
autumnthered: Yes
autumnthered: They ate
autumnthered: Are



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