Jacob MacGavin



Yavapai-Apache Nation

So, your friend, Jacob, is half Scottish on his father’s side, and half Yavapai-Apache from his mom. He’s 25 and trying to get into acting, since there’s such a small amount of natives or people who pass as natives in showbusiness.
autumnthered: Alright
autumnthered: But from now on ill find pictures for the people lol)
anastasianikolina: He’s having a hard time catching a break, and came back just last year after losing all his money in California trying to get into Hollywood. He’s pretty disheartened. He lives with his dad, but visits his mom and grandma “on the res” once every couple of weeks.

Jacob is pretty sure he’s going to end up having to work somewhere on the res to help out his grandma, and he’s toying with signing up with the ultimate evil: the casino.

She started smoking because jacob wanted to start because it looked more “hollywood” but was afraid to do it alone. Now she is a habitual “quitter”

autumnthered: She has an old 69’ charger project thatshe puts her excess money and time into. it was a frame to start, so its been a long process.
anastasianikolina: Jacob likes to help with that, though he needs instruction. Leah likes to hang out with you both while you work on it.


Jacob MacGavin

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