Jack Murphy

Crystal's Father



anastasianikolina: Your dad’s shop opens each day at 7 am. He’s always been an early riser. He doesn’t expect you there until after noon, though. He keeps your mornings open so you can eventually go to school.
anastasianikolina: Dylan is supposed to come in at 9 … but usually comes in a few minutes late.
anastasianikolina: He’s the only son of your mom’s best friend from high school.
anastasianikolina: Your dad takes the weekends off. He likes going into the hills and fishing in the local creeks and also works on things around the house. In the afternoons and evenings, he reads in his favorite chair and relaxes. He’s not a computer person.
anastasianikolina: He likes to go to dinner with you each week. He’s got a handful of favorite little restaurants around Flagstaff that he likes.
autumnthered: I am all for “dad-time”
anastasianikolina: He can be pretty soft spoken sometimes, a gentle heart, but he’s got no issues using fists to protect as well as guns. He’s old fashioned. He opens door for you, expects you to be respectful of your elders, and has a hard time talking about his feelings
anastasianikolina: He’s a simple sort of guy. But his reading material is deep. Thoraeu, Teddy Roosevelt, Walden.


Born January 14, 1963, 52 years old.

Jack is a mechanic and is extremely proficient at making pretty much anything work if it is remotely mechanical. Solemn and reserved, he’s very practical and looks out for Crystal even more now that Eileen is gone.

Jack Murphy

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